Membrane Keypads, Membrane Switches

Tactile or Non-Tactile SwitchingTactile or Non-Tactile Switching

We can produce "Clickless" switches or can relay verification of the switches operation to the end user via a click when pressed, using either metal domes embedded within the switch and/or by embossing the graphics layer or other layers with a dome.

Both methods allow us to tailor both the size and actuation force of the key areas. Both methods can also be used on flexible as well as rigid switches (keypads based on circuit boards - where SMT components can be mounted on the reverse to produce compact units).

Embossing & Selective TexturingEmbossing & Selective Texturing

As well as being able to provide "click" feedback, embossing can be used to great effect as a decoration in the form of raising/lowering key shapes and surrounds to give a tactile indication of key position for situations such as dim ambient light use.

Combine this with selective textures - the printing of the switch surface to give areas of varying texture, and it's possible to produce stunning very user friendly keypads.

dDisplay Windows & LED AperturesDisplay Windows & LED Apertures

Quite often keypads and overlays need areas through which LCD & LED segment displays can be read. These can be incorporated by printing clear areas with variable gloss levels to allow clear views of the displays.

LED's are often used as confirmation or warning devices and again these can be accommodated by printing with gloss or frosted areas. Coloured tints can be added to areas to accentuate LED's and displays, and even Hid-til-Lit areas (where the area is almost invisible til required) are possible.