Fascia Overlays & Labels

Facias and OverlaysFascia Overlays
Occasionally membrane keypads may not be suitable for certain applications, either the volumes required are too low to justify full tooling or the front or rear of the instrument doesn't require switch buttons.

In this instance we can manufacture a self adhesive overlay incorporating all the aesthetic embellishments of a membrane keypad but without the circuitry behind the graphic thus giving the appearance of a full keypad and allowing the customer to provide switching if required by the use of micro switches on a PCB mounted just behind the overlay operated through holes in the fascia front.

We can also create display covers in thicker plastics to protect displays using the same methods as we use on the overlays.

Facias and LabelsLabels

We can manufacture plain die cut labels such as warning or serial labels by either second surface printing various plastics and applying adhesive chosen for the application in the case of demanding environments or by printing directly onto self adhesive plastics where the environmental requirement is not as great and cost is an issue. These can be supplied as singles or in kiss cut sheets.

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