EMI Screening & Zoned Adhesives

Embedded LED'sEmbedded LED's

Sometimes the space available behind the keypad is too restrictive to allow the use of a circuit board to mount LED's separately - this is where we can embed the LED's.

Using either a flexible conductive adhesive (for flexible switches) or solder paste (for rigid PCB types) we can embed the various colours of SMT LED's within the switch to save on space and assemblies needed.

Zoned AdhesivesZoned Adhesives

Having access to a large array of pressure sensitive dry adhesives from all the major manufacturers (3M/Fasson etc.) we can usually find an adhesive to suit your chosen application. We can produce keypads/overlays and labels with zoned adhesives i.e. areas devoid of adhesive for use over the likes of LED's & displays.

Both conventional conductive and Z axis conductive adhesives are available as well as tamper evident security adhesive.

EMI/RFI ScreeningEMI/RFI Screening

New legislation means that many keypads these days have to be EMI/RFI screened in order to meet more stringent controls.

We can offer more screening by the inclusion of earthed layers within the keypads above the contact layers and can even screen large display areas by the use of transparent conductive films.